Compact Disc (CD) Player Failure To Insert/Eject – 2013-2016 Ford C-Max & 2012-2016 Focus

2013-2016 C-Max And 2012-2016 Focus – Compact Disc (CD) Player Failure To Insert/Eject 2013-2016 C-Max/2012-2016 Focus vehicles equipped with My Ford Touch can exhibit difficulty inserting/ejecting a CD.   Prior to following normal diagnostics, check for misalignment of the CD player to instrument panel center middle trim panel. Refer to WSM, Section 501-12 for removal … Read more

Intermittent Battery Draw, Various MyLincoln Mobile App Issues, And/Or DTCs U2100/U2101 – 2016 Lincoln MKC, MKX, MKZ

2016 Lincoln MKZ

NHTSA ID Number: 10137095 Manufacturer Communication Number: SSM 47159   Summary Some 2016 MKC, MKX and MKZ vehicles built on or before 11/28/2015 and equipped with a TCU may exhibit an intermittent battery draw that can be isolated to the TCU, an inoperative MyLincoln Mobile app, a MyLincoln Mobile app deep sleep message, an inaccurate MyLincoln Mobile … Read more

Radio Inoperative or Not Responding – 2016 Ford F-Super Duty

2016 F-Super Duty Vehicles Equipped With SIRIUS Satellite Radio – Built On 6/26/2015 And Through 7/31/2015 – Radio Is Inoperative And/Or Not Responding Some 2016 F-Super Duty vehicles equipped with SIRIUS satellite radio and built on 6/26/2015 through 7/31/2015 may exhibit a SIRIUS satellite radio that is inoperative and/or not responding.   This may be … Read more

Oil Cooler Service Tips – Ford 6.4L Diesel

6.4L DieselOil Cooler Service Tips General Service Bulletin (GSB) This document is designed to provide information and tips for cooling system inspections, flushing, and refilling that can assist in proper diagnostics and prevention of repeat repairs.   6.4L diesel engine oil coolers are being primarily replaced due to restrictions from cooling system contamination … Read more

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Service Tips – Ford 6.7L Diesel

6.7L DieselDiesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Service Tips All 6.7L diesel equipped F-super duty vehicles are equipped with a Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) system in order to aid in Nox reduction.   In many cases, DEF system concerns are related to petroleum contamination or misdiagnosis. This General Service Bulletin is intended to aid in … Read more