Illuminated Airbag Light With DTCs U3000:54 And/Or U3000:41 Stored In The OCSM And/Or B00A0:09, B00A0:63, B00A0:64 And/Or B00A0:68 In The RCM – 2021-2023 Ford F-150

2023 Ford F-150

NHTSA ID Number: 10242855 Manufacturer Communication Number: TSB 23-2280 Summary Some 2021-2023 F-150 vehicles may exhibit an illuminated airbag indicator light that may be accompanied by diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) U3000:41 and/or U3000:54 in the occupant classification system module (OCSM) and/or B00A0:09, B00A0:63, B00A0:64 and/or B00A0:68 in the restraints control module (RCM).   Model: Ford 2021-2023 F-150Read more

DTC U3000:49 Setting In The Driver Seat Module (DSM) – 2024 Ford Mustang

2024 Ford Mustang

NHTSA ID Number: 10241622 Manufacturer Communication Number: SSM 51898 Summary Some 2024 Mustang vehicles may exhibit a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) U3000:49 in the DSM with no symptoms present. This may be due to the DSM software. Replacement of the DSM will not resolve this concern. DTC U3000:49 can be cleared and ignored if the power seatRead more

EBB – Illuminated ABS/Stability-Traction Control Warning Indicators With DTC U3000:96 Stored Erroneously In The ABS Module – 2019-2021 Ford & Lincoln

Ford & Lincoln Logo

NHTSA ID Number: 10232477 Manufacturer Communication Number: SSM 51374 Summary Some 2020-2021 Escape/Bronco Sport/Explorer and 2020-2021 Corsair/Aviator vehicles equipped with electric brake booster (EBB) built on or before 1-Aug-2022 may exhibit an illuminated anti-lock brake system (ABS) warning indicator and stability-traction control warning indicator with diagnostic trouble code (DTC) U3000:96 erroneously stored in the ABS module. This … Read more

Various Driver Assistance System Warning Messages – DTCs C1001:31, U3000:89, And/Or U3000:49 Stored In The IPMA – 2021-2023 Ford F-150

2023 Ford F-150

NHTSA ID Number: 10236330 Manufacturer Communication Number: TSB 23-2146 Summary Some 2021-2023 F-150 vehicles may exhibit various driver assistance system warning messages or inoperative features and/or diagnostic trouble code (DTC) U3000:49 stored in the image processing module A (IPMA) that will not clear and not be stored in the vehicle’s history. DTC C1001:31 and/or U3000:89 may be … Read more

DTC U3000:41 Setting In The Audio Control Module (ACM) – 2023 Ford F-Super Duty

2023 Ford F-Super Duty

NHTSA ID Number: 10237368 Manufacturer Communication Number: SSM 51660 Summary Some 2023 F-Super Duty vehicles may exhibit diagnostic trouble code (DTC) U3000:41 in the ACM when a diagnostic self-test is performed. This may be due to an ACM software error. To correct the condition, reprogram the ACM using the latest software level of the Ford Diagnosis and … Read more