4WD – Intermittent Steering Oscillation – 2017-2021 Ford F-Super Duty

2021 Ford F-Super Duty DRW

NHTSA ID Number: 10191096 Manufacturer Communication Number: SSM 49740   Summary Some 2017-2021 F-Super Duty four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicles may have a customer concern of intermittently exhibiting excessive steering oscillation. To correct the condition, replace the steering damper with KC3Z-3E651-B and return the vehicle to the customer. For claiming, use causal part 3E651 and applicable labor operations … Read more

Front Wind Noise Whistle – 2021 Ford Bronco Sport

2021 Ford Bronco Sport

NHTSA ID Number: 10187923 Manufacturer Communication Number: SSM 49630   Summary Some 2021 Bronco Sport vehicles built on 01-Oct-2020 and through 31-Dec-2020 could experience a whistle noise coming from the front of the vehicle at highway speeds. To correct this condition, adjust the hood rearward. Refer to Workshop Manual (WSM) Section 501-03>General procedures>Hood alignment (NOTE: hood to … Read more

Steering Oscillation – Revised WSM Procedure – 2017-2021 Ford F-Super Duty

2021 Ford F-Super Duty DRW

NHTSA ID Number: 10187924 Manufacturer Communication Number: SSM 49628   Summary Some 2017-2021 F-Super Duty vehicles may intermittently exhibit excessive steering oscillation. A new instructional video has been published in the Workshop Manual (WSM) to provide specific measurement instructions on the appropriate tools and methods to determine which steering linkage joints are exceeding lash specifications and which … Read more

DRW – 17 Inch Aluminum Front Wheel Valve Stem Replacement – 2017-2021 Ford F-Super Duty

2021 Ford F-Super Duty DRW

NHTSA ID Number: 10191065 Manufacturer Communication Number: SSM 49722   Summary Some 2017-2021 F-Super Duty vehicles equipped with dual rear wheels (DRW) and 17 inch aluminum wheels may require valve stem replacement for the front wheels. The parts catalog has been updated to use service part F2GZ-1700-D for the front wheels.     20 Affected Products Vehicles … Read more

Creak/Snap Noise From Driver And/Or Passenger Front Door Struts When Opening/Closing The Door – 2017-2021 Ford GT

2021 Ford GT

NHTSA ID Number: 10187946 Manufacturer Communication Number: SSM 49567   Summary Some 2017-2021 Ford GT vehicles may exhibit a creak/snap noise from the front door strut(s) when the driver and/or passenger doors are opened/closed. This may be due to reduced lubrication and/or dirt present at the front door strut ball and socket joints. If the noise is … Read more