22C09 – Safety Certification Label Replacement – 2016-2023 Ford

2022 Ford F-Super Duty

May 27, 2022 NHTSA CAMPAIGN NUMBER: 22V384000 Label Missing Tire Information/FMVSS 110 & 120 Missing tire information could lead to an incorrect tire or rim being installed, or incorrect tire pressure, increasing the risk of a crash.   NHTSA Campaign Number: 22V384000 Manufacturer Ford Motor Company Components EQUIPMENT Potential Number of Units Affected 5,247   Summary Ford Motor Company (Ford) … Read more

Safety Recall 22S35 – Clock Spring Contamination – 2016 Ford F-Super Duty

2016 Ford F-Super Duty

May 13, 2022 NHTSA CAMPAIGN NUMBER: 22V337000 Driver’s Air Bag May Not Deploy A driver air bag that does not deploy as intended increases the risk of injury in a crash.   NHTSA Campaign Number: 22V337 Manufacturer Ford Motor Company Components AIR BAGS Potential Number of Units Affected 310,203   Summary Ford Motor Company (Ford) is recalling certain 2016 Super … Read more

Safety Recall 22S09 – Loose/Sagging Underbody Insulator – 2017-2022 Ford F-250/F-350

2022 Ford F-Super Duty

February 16, 2022 NHTSA CAMPAIGN NUMBER: 22V087000 Damaged Driveshaft May Fracture A fractured driveshaft can cause a loss of drive power, or a loss of vehicle control if the driveshaft contacts the ground. Additionally, unintended movement could occur while parked if the parking brake is not engaged. Any of these scenarios can increase the risk of … Read more

4WD – Intermittent Steering Oscillation – 2017-2021 Ford F-Super Duty

2021 Ford F-Super Duty DRW

NHTSA ID Number: 10191096 Manufacturer Communication Number: SSM 49740   Summary Some 2017-2021 F-Super Duty four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicles may have a customer concern of intermittently exhibiting excessive steering oscillation. To correct the condition, replace the steering damper with KC3Z-3E651-B and return the vehicle to the customer. For claiming, use causal part 3E651 and applicable labor operations … Read more

Trailer Connected Or Trailer Disconnected Message With No Trailer Attached – 2018-2020 Ford & Lincoln

2020 Ford F-Super Duty Dual Wheel

NHTSA ID Number: 10189610 Manufacturer Communication Number: SSM 49708   Summary Some 2018-2019 F-150/F-Super Duty/Expedition/Navigator and 2020 Explorer/Aviator vehicles may exhibit a ‘Trailer Connected’ or ‘Trailer Disconnected’ message in the vehicle’s message center with no trailer attached to the vehicle. To address this condition, reprogram the trailer module (TRM) using the appropriate Ford diagnostic scan tool. For … Read more