Safety Recall 18S21 – Front Wheel Studs – 2018 Ford F-53 Motorhome Chassis

NHTSA Campaign Number: 18V470
Manufacturer Ford Motor Company
Components WHEELS
Potential Number of Units Affected 162


Improperly Heat Treated Front Wheel Studs

If a sufficient quantity of wheel studs break on one hub, vehicle handling could be affected, increasing the risk of a crash.



Ford Motor Company (Ford) is recalling certain 2018 Ford F53 stripped chassis vehicles equipped with 22.5 inch front wheels. The front wheel hub assembly may have wheel studs that were not properly heat treated.


Safety Recall 18S20 – Shift Cable Bushing Replacement – 2013-2014 Ford Escape, & 2013-2016 Ford Fusion

NHTSA Campaign Number: 18V471
Manufacturer Ford Motor Company
Components POWER TRAIN
Potential Number of Units Affected 504,182


Unintentional Rollaway Due to Detached Shift Cable

If the vehicle is exited without the transmission being in Park and without the parking brake being applied, the vehicle may unexpectedly move, increasing the risk of a crash.



Ford Motor Company (Ford) is recalling certain 2013-2014 Ford Escape, and 2013-2016 Ford Fusion vehicles, equipped with six-speed automatic transmissions. The bushing that attaches the transmission shifter cable to the transmission may degrade over time and cause the bushing to detach from the transmission. The condition could allow the driver to move the shift lever to Park and remove the ignition key, while the transmission may not be in Park, with no warning message or audible chime.


Safety Recall 18S17 – High-Pressure Fuel Pump Replacement – 2018 Ford F-150, Expedition & Lincoln Navigator

NHTSA Campaign Number: 18V392
Manufacturer Ford Motor Company
Potential Number of Units Affected 5,645


Fuel Pump Assembly Welds May Fracture Causing Leak

A fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source may increase the risk of a fire.



Ford Motor Company (Ford) is recalling certain 2018 Ford Expedition, F-150, and Lincoln Navigator vehicles equipped with 3.5L GTDI V6 engines. These vehicles have high pressure fuel pump assemblies with welds that can fracture, which may cause an oil or fuel leak.


Safety Recall 18S19 – Brake Line Replacement – 2018 Ford F-650 & F-750

NHTSA Campaign Number: 18V389
Manufacturer Ford Motor Company
Potential Number of Units Affected 1,474


Brake Hose Corrosion May Cause Brake Fluid Leak

A brake fluid leak can reduce brake effectiveness, increasing the risk of a crash.



Ford Motor Company (Ford) is recalling certain 2018 Ford F-650 and F-750 trucks. The brake circuit hose assemblies located between the master cylinder and the hydraulic control unit, may have been manufactured without anti-corrosion plating on the coupling fittings, or “ferrules,” of the hoses. This can lead to premature corrosion, and result in a brake fluid leak.


U-Bolt Torque – MORryde 2018 Ford E-450 Chassis

NHTSA Campaign Number: 18V367
Manufacturer MORryde International, Inc.
Potential Number of Units Affected 904


Insufficient U-Bolt Torque Causing Axle Separation

The loose U-bolts may further loosen or break allowing the axle to separate and cause a loss of control, increasing the risk of a crash.



MORryde International, Inc. (MORryde) is recalling certain 2018 Ford E-450 chassis modified for transit bus use. The U-bolts on the rear axle that hold the leaf spring and rear axle together may have been insufficiently tightened.