Tailgate Step Assemblies – Trim Cover Replacement – 2015-2022 Ford F-150, 2017-2022 F-Super Duty

2022 Ford F-Super Duty

NHTSA ID Number: 10226756 Manufacturer Communication Number: SSM 51185 Summary Some 2015-2022 F-150 and 2017-2022 F-Super Duty vehicles may experience issues with the tailgate center step moulding. If there is an issue with the center molding (warped, damaged condition, loose, or if the molding is missing), the trim cover is now available separately. It is no longer …

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Tailgate Step Assemblies – Step Binds/Will Not Open Or Opens/Pops Up While Driving – 2018-2022 Ford F-150/F-Super Duty

2020 Ford F-150

  NHTSA ID Number: 10209214 Manufacturer Communication Number: SSM 50590 Summary Some 2018-2022 F-150 and F-Super Duty vehicles equipped with tailgate step assemblies may exhibit a step assembly that binds/will not open or opens/pops up while driving. This could be due to an incorrect adjustment of the step assembly. Before replacing any components for this concern, follow …

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2016 Ford F-Super Duty

NHTSA ID Number: 10074576 Manufacturer Communication Number: 45259   Summary SUMMARY TO BE PROVIDED ON A FUTURE DATE.   5 Affected Products Vehicles MAKE MODEL YEAR FORD ESCAPE 2013-2016 FORD F-750 SD 2015   Message Number Text 45259 2015 F-Super Duty / 2016 Econoline TorqShift6 – High Pitch Whine Or Chirping Or Below 32 Km/h (20 MPH) …

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