Revised Engine Oil Leak Diagnostic Procedure Using New White Fluorescent Dye – Ford Lincoln & Mercury

2017 Ford F-150

SSM 47550 Multiple Vehicle Lines – Revised Engine Oil Leak Diagnostic Procedure Using New White Fluorescent Dye To help differentiate engine oil leaks from other possible sources, a new white-colored fluorescent engine oil dye is available. Workshop Manual (WSM), Section 303-00 has been revised to reference the new white-colored dye.   The new white fluorescent … Read more

Misfire Possible Diagnostic Trouble Codes DTC’s P0301-P0308 – 2000-2005 Ford & Lincoln

WATER/MOISTURE IN COP WELLS – DTC P0301-P0308 – 3.9L ENGINE – VEHICLES BUILT THROUGH 5/1/2004   FORD: 2002-2005 Thunderbird LINCOLN: 2000-2005 LS   2000-2005 Lincoln LS and 2002-2005 Thunderbird vehicles equipped with the 3.9L engine and built through 5/1/2004, may exhibit a misfire condition and possible diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) P0301-P0308.   This may be … Read more

Harsh Shifts – 2003 Ford Thunderbird & Lincoln LS

TRANSMISSION – 5R55S – HARSH SHIFTS – VEHICLES BUILT BETWEEN 11/18/2002 AND 5/17/2003 ONLY   FORD: 2003 THUNDERBIRD LINCOLN: 2003 LS   Some 2003 vehicles built between 11/18/2002 and 05/17/2003 with the 5R55S transmission may exhibit harsh shifts.   ACTION: Follow normal diagnostic procedures and verify the condition. If the condition is valid, reprogram the … Read more

Spark Plug Thread Damage – 1997-2008 Ford Lincoln Mercury

Spark plug thread damage. The cylinder heads on some 1997-2008 Ford cars and light trucks with the 4.6, 5.4 or 6.8L two-valve engine can exhibit missing or stripped spark plug threads.   A new kit, called LOCK-N-STITCH, is available to repair the tread damage.   The kit contains special aluminum inserts and a tool to properly install them. … Read more