6.2L/7.3L – Illuminated MIL With DTCs P0132, P0135, P0138, P0141, P0152, P0155, P0158 And/Or P0161 – 2020 Ford F-Super Duty

2020 Ford F-Super Duty Dual Wheel

NHTSA ID Number: 10199477 Manufacturer Communication Number: TSB 21-2090 Summary Some 2020 F-Super Duty vehicles equipped with a 6.2L or 7.3L engine, 10R140 transmission, and built on or before 05-Jun-2020 may exhibit an illuminated malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) with diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) P0132, P0135, P0138, P0141, P0152, P0155, P0158 and/or P0161 stored in the powertrain control … Read more

Illuminated MIL with Various Drivability Issues – 2014-2016 Ford Transit Connect

2.5L – ILLUMINATED MALFUNCTION INDICATOR LAMP (MIL) – MULTIPLE DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODES (DTCS) Publication Date: December 9, 2016   FORD: 2014-2016 Transit Connect   ISSUE: Some 2014-2016 Transit Connect vehicles equipped with the 2.5L engine may exhibit a constant or intermittent illuminated MIL with various drivability issues and one or more of the following DTCs: … Read more

MIL and Wrench Lamp – Battery Junction Box Fuse 3 Open – 2011-2012 Ford F-53 Motorhome, F-59 Commercial

TSB 13-4-8 MOTORHOME AND COMMERCIAL CHASSIS – MIL AND WRENCH LAMP – BATTERY JUNCTION BOX FUSE 3 OPEN – BUILT ON 1/19/2010 AND THROUGH 12/18/2012 Publication Date: April 11, 2013   FORD: 2011-2012 F-53 Motorhome Chassis, F-59 Commercial Stripped Chass   ISSUE: Some 2011-2012 Motorhome and Commercial Chassis built on 1/19/2010 and through 12/18/2012 may exhibit … Read more

MIL with DTCs P0135 and P0155 – 2012 Ford Expedition & Lincoln Navigator

TSB 13-5-7 MALFUNCTION INDICATOR LAMP (MIL) ILLUMINATED – DTCS P0135 AND P0155 – BUILT ON OR BEFORE 11/31/2011 Publication Date: May 7, 2013   FORD: 2012 Expedition LINCOLN: 2012 Navigator   ISSUE: Some 2012 Expedition and Navigator vehicles built on or before 11/31/2011 may exhibit an illuminated MIL with diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) P0135 and P0155. … Read more

MIL Illuminated with Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) P0132, P0135, P0030, P2243 and/or P2251 – 2013 Ford & Lincoln

TSB 14-0189 MALFUNCTION INDICATOR LAMP (MIL) ILLUMINATED – DTCS P0135, P0132, P0030, P2243 AND/OR P2251 – BUILT ON OR BEFORE 5/1/2013 Publication Date: October 7, 2014   FORD: 2013 Escape, Focus, Fusion LINCOLN: 2013 MKZ   This article supersedes TSB 14-0129 to update the vehicle model lines and production fix date.   ISSUE: Some 2013 Fusion, … Read more