Headliner Sag by the Center High Mounted Stoplamp – 2014-2015 Ford Fusion

HEADLINER SAG AT THE CENTER HIGH MOUNTED STOPLAMP – BUILT ON OR BEFORE 9/22/2014 – FLAT ROCK ASSEMBLY PLANT   FORD: 2014-2015 Fusion   2014-2015 Fusion vehicles built at the Flat Rock assembly plant on or before 9/22/2014 may exhibit a headliner sag by the center high mounted stoplamp.   SERVICE PROCEDURE Check the vehicle … Read more

Headliner Rattle or Sagging Around the Roof Opening Panel – 2012-2015 Ford Focus

HEADLINER RATTLE OR SAG AROUND THE ROOF OPENING PANEL   FORD: 2012-2015 Focus   Some 2012-2015 Focus vehicles may exhibit a headliner rattle or sagging condition around the roof opening panel.   SERVICE PROCEDURE Remove the headliner. Using 3M Super-Fast Repair Adhesive or equivalent, lift the section of the plastic trim ring that has separated … Read more

Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P25B0 – 2015 Ford F-150

3.5L GTDI – MALFUNCTION INDICATOR LAMP (MIL) ILLUMINATED WITH DTC P25B0 – BUILT ON OR BEFORE 3/6/2015   FORD: 2015 F-150   2015 F-150 vehicles equipped with 3.5L Gasoline Turbocharged Direct Injected (GTDI) engines built on or before 3/6/2015 may exhibit diagnostic trouble code (DTC) P25B0 stored in powertrain control module (PCM) memory.   SERVICE … Read more

Column Shifter High Effort or Roughness when Changing Gear Positions – 2015 Ford F-150

COLUMN SHIFTER HIGH EFFORT OR ROUGHNESS – BUILT ON OR BEFORE 2/13/2015   FORD: 2015 F-150   Some 2015 F-150 vehicles equipped with a column shifter and built on or before 2/13/2015 may exhibit a high effort or roughness when changing gear positions.   SERVICE PROCEDURE Replace the selector lever cable. If there are multiple … Read more