Glass Fogging or Slow to Clear – 2014 Ford Edge

GLASS FOGGING OR SLOW TO CLEAR – MANUAL HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM – BUILT ON OR BEFORE 2/7/2014   FORD: 2014 Edge   2014 Edge vehicles with a manual heating and air conditioning system and built on or before 2/7/2014 may exhibit glass fogging or slow to clear after the defrost has been engaged. … Read more

Illuminated MIL with DTC P0118 – 2013 Ford Focus

TSB 14-0068 2.0L GDI – MALFUNCTION INDICATOR LIGHT (MIL) ILLUMINATED – CONTINUOUS MEMORY DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODE (CMDTC) P0118 – BUILT ON OR BEFORE 5/17/2013   FORD: 2013 Focus   ISSUE: Some 2013 Focus vehicles equipped with a 2.0L Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engine, and built on or before 5/17/2013, may exhibit an illuminated MIL on with … Read more

Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P06B8, Engine Run-On – 2013 Ford C-MAX, Fusion & Lincoln MKZ

TSB 14-0074 DTC P06B8 AND/OR DTCS PRESENT IN PCM CONTINUOUS MEMORY FOLLOWING REPAIRS OR ENGINE RUN-ON   FORD: 2013 C-MAX, Fusion LINCOLN: 2013 MKZ   ISSUE: Some 2013 C-MAX, Fusion and MKZ Hybrid/Energi vehicles may exhibit an illuminated malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) with diagnostic trouble code (DTC) P06B8 in the powertrain control module (PCM) and/or have … Read more

MIL with Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) P0113, and/or P0114 – 2013 Ford F-150

TSB 14-0075 3.5L GTDI – MIL ILLUMINATED – DTCS P0113 AND/OR P0114 – AMBIENT TEMPERATURES BELOW -28 °C (-20 °F)- BUILT ON OR BEFORE 4/3/2013   FORD: 2013 F-150   This article supersedes TSB 13-5-16 to update the Title and Issue Statement.   ISSUE: Some 2013 F-150 vehicles equipped with the 3.5L Gasoline Turbocharged Direct Injection … Read more

Heated Steering Wheel Function Inoperative – 2013-2014 Lincoln MKZ

TSB 14-0081 HEATED STEERING WHEEL FUNCTION INOPERATIVE   LINCOLN: 2013-2014 MKZ   ISSUE: Some 2013-2014 MKZ vehicles equipped with a heated steering wheel may exhibit a condition where the heated steering wheel function is inoperative and the heated steering wheel module (HSWM) fails the on-demand self-test, but passes the network test.   ACTION: Reprogram the HSWM … Read more