Rattle/Clunk Noise From Rear Suspension Over Bumps – 2015-2017 Ford Escape & Lincoln MKC

SSM 46495 – 2015-2017 Escape/MKC – Without Vehicle Dynamic Suspension – Rattle/Clunk Noise From Rear Suspension Over Bumps – Built On 1-Apr-2015 And Through 1-Oct-2016

Some 2015-2017 Escape and MKC vehicles without a vehicle dynamic suspension system and built on 1-Apr-2015 and through 1-Oct-2016 may exhibit a rattle and/or clunking noise from the rear suspension while driving over bumps and/or making turns at low speeds.


Suspect rear shock absorbers will compress 2-5 inches of travel before significant resistance is observed.

If Workshop Manual (WSM), Section 100-04 diagnostics indicate a rattle and/or clunking noise is coming from the rear shock absorber(s) then refer to WSM, Section 204-02 and replace the rear shock absorber(s) as required.

For claiming, use causal part 18125 and applicable labor operations in section 5 of the service labor time standards (SLTS) manual.

2015 – 2017 TRUCK: M2 C520 NA (ESCAPE)
2015 – 2017 TRUCK: ME C489 LINCOLN CUV


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