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General Service Bulletin (GSB): Wipers – Warrantable vs Non-Warrantable
GSB Overview: Use this GSB to help determine (Warrantable / NonWarrantable Wiper Blades Defect vs. Damage)
NOTE:  This information is not intended to replace or supersede any warranty, parts and service policy, Work Shop Manual (WSM) procedures or technical training or wiring diagram information.


Wiper Blade New Vehicle Limited Warranty Coverage (refer to the vehicles Warranty Guide):


2003 – 2011 models; wiper blade replacement is considered normal wear beyond 12 months in service regardless of miles driven.

2012 & newer models; wiper blade replacement is considered normal wear beyond 6 months in service regardless of miles driven.


Note:  There are Extended Service Plans in which wiper blade replacement is covered, please refer to the applicable ESP plan for coverage and claiming information.


Service Maintenance Reminder: 

Modern car wash chemicals and environmental fallout can result in wiper blade and/or windshield contamination that left alone, may contribute to poor wipe quality.  Overall wiper blade performance can be improved by properly cleaning the wiper blades and/or the windshield.



Refer to the Owner’s Manual for vehicle specific cleaning procedures.  Cleaning of the wiper blades and windshield should be performed prior to making a warranty determination as several conditions exist that can be corrected with proper cleaning.  Customers are expected to maintain and clean the wiper blades and windshield according to the instructions in the vehicle’s Owner’s Manual as a condition of vehicle warranty.


Before making a warranty repair, the wiper blade must be checked to ensure:


To aid dealers in making informed decisions, this GSB contains the following information:


  • OEM Wiper Blade Application Chart———————————Page 2
  • Examples of OEM wiper blades—————————————Page 3 – 4
  • Examples of Motorcraft Wiper blades——————————–Page 5
  • Examples of commonly observed non-warrantable damage——-Page 5 – 6
  • Wiper Blade build date identification information——————Page 7


OEM Wiper Blade Application Chart

The table below shows the OEM wiper blade characteristics (blade type and length).  If the wiper blade on the customer’s vehicle does not match the table below, the wiper blade is not eligible for manufacturer warranty coverage.

Model Year and Vehicle Driver’s Side Blade Type Blade Length Passenger’s Side Blade Type Blade Length Rear Wiper Blade Front Blade Code (see images below) 
2011,12,13,14,15,16  Fiesta Flat 25″ Flat 16″ Plastic Conventional 12″ A
2011 Focus Conventional 22″ Conventional 19″ B2
2012,13,14,15,16 Focus Flat 29″ Flat 29″ Plastic Conventional 12″ B1
2011 & 2012 Fusion, Milan, MKZ Conventional 24″ Conventional 19″ D
2013,14,15,16 Fusion Flat 26.7” Flat 26.7” B1
2011,12,13,14,15 Taurus Flat 25.5″ Flat 20″ B1
2011,12,13,14 MKS Flat


25.5″ Flat




2011,12,13,14 Flex 23.5″ Plastic Conventional 12″ B2
2011,12,13,14 MKT Flat 24″ Flat 22″ Plastic Conventional 12″ B1
2011 & 2012 Crown Victoria Conventional 22″ Conventional 22″ B2
2011 Town Car Conventional








2011 Ranger B2
2011  F-150 F-Series Conventional 22″ Conventional 22″ C2
2012,13,14,15,16  F-150 F-Series Flat 22″


Flat 22″




2011,12,13,14,15,16, F-250+ F-Super Duty Flat Flat C1
2011,12,13,14,15,16 Mustang Flat 22″ Flat 20″ B1
2011,12,13,14,15 Expedition Conventional 22″ Conventional 22″ Plastic Conventional 16″ C2
2011,12,13,14,15 Navigator Conventional Flat 22″


Conventional Flat 22″


Plastic Conventional 16″

Plastic Conventional 12″

2011 & 2012 Escape B1
13,14,15,16  Escape Flat 27.6” Flat 27.6” Plastic Flat 11” B1
2011, 12,13,14 Edge Conventional 26″ Conventional 20″ Plastic Conventional 14″ B2
15,16 Edge Flat 27.5” Flat 27.5” Plastic Flat 15” B1
2011,12,13,14 MKX Conventional 26″


Conventional 20″ Plastic Conventional 14″ B2
15,16 MKX Flat 24” Flat 18” Plastic Conventional 11” B1
15,16, MKZ Flat 22.8 Flat 20 B1
2011 & 2012 Transit Connect Conventional 21.5″ Conventional 19.5″ Conventional 13.5″ E
2014,15,16  Transit Flat 29.5” Flat 21” B1
2011,12,13 Econoline Conventional 20″ Conventional 20″ C2
15,16, MKC Flat 25.6” Flat 15.75” Flat 11” B1
2011,12,13,14,15,16 Explorer Flat 25.6” Flat 21.6” Flat 11” B2


OEM Wiper Blade Examples

Front Blade Code - A

Front Blade Code - B1 & B2

Front Blade Code - C1 & C2

Front Blade Code - D

Front Blade Code - E 



Motorcraft Wiper Blades

Motorcraft wiper blades are not OEM parts and therefore not covered by the factory warranty.  Please refer to Service Part Warranty guidelines for coverage and claiming information. (DO NOT claim under factory warranty)

Motorcraft Wiper Blades


Damaged Wiper Blades

Prior to committing to warranty coverage, dealers must inspect the wiper blade for damage.  Per W&P, damage is not a warrantable condition.  If the transportation company damaged the wiper blade, the claim must be submitted using transportation program code (DO NOT claim as warranty).

Typical customers concerns for damaged wipers include: wiper assembly coming apart, wiper not wiping the glass fully, or the wiper blade element is torn.


Indication of Damage and Likely Root Cause

  • Scratches or cracks on the blade structure – Ice scraper
  • Bent or broken structure – Pulled or grabbed (car wash equipment)
  • Paint being worn or scraped off – Impacted
  • Cuts or scratches on the blade – Impacted (ice scraper)
  • The metal spline is disengaged from the blade structure retaining claws – Blade pulled or impacted
  • Missing end cap with impact marks – Impacted (ice scraper)


Wiper Blade is Significantly Older than the Vehicle

Time in service plays a large factor in wipe performance as wiper blades do wear out.  Wiper blades that have been swapped off of an older vehicle may exhibit performance issues sooner than expected.  Please use the following information to determine if a wiper blade falls into this situation.  Based on current factory practices (first in first out), Ford is confident that the wiper blade build date will fall within 6 months of the vehicle build date.

If the wiper blade is more than 6 months older than the vehicle, the original wiper blade has been replaced and the wiper in question is NOT Warrantable.


Wiper Blade Date Codes:

On Structure: 7 Digit Date Code:

Digit 1:Line #, Digits 2-3: Month,

Digits 4-5: Day, Digits 6-7: Year

Example “2032610” was built on Line

(2) on March (03), (26), 20(10)

On Connector: 4 Digit Date Code:

Digit 1: Year, Digit 2: Month, Digit 3-4: Day

Year: 2010=0, 2011=1, 2012=2, etc…

Month: Jan=A, Feb=B, Mar=C, Apr=D, May=E, Jun=F,

Jul=G, Aug=H, Sep=J, Oct=K, Nov=L, Dec=M

Examples: 0G12à12-July-2010, 0B17à17-Feb-2010

On Rubber Element:

Year and Quarter Year Marks

Last two digits of the Year: 2009à09, 2010à10

Followed by a • for each quarter

Example was built in the 1st quarter (Jan-Mar) of 2010


Wiper Blade Date Codes:

On Structure: Date in DD-MMM-YY format

Example “29-OCT-09” was built on October, 29th, 2009

On Connector: 4 Digit Date Code:

Digit 1: Month, Digit 2-3: Day, Digit 4: Year

Month: Jan=1, Feb=2, Mar=3, Apr=4, May=5, Jun=6, Jul=7, Aug=8, Sep=9, Oct=0, Nov=N, Dec=D, Year: 2009=9, 2010=0, 2011=1, etc..

Example was built on October 18th, 2007

On Rubber Element: DDD YY format

Day: 3 digits for the day of the year (1-365), Jan 1st=001, Dec 31st=365,  Year: 2010=10, 2011=11, etc..

Example “296 09” was built on the 296th day of 2009 à October 23rd, 2009

February 2016

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