A-pillar Trim Panel Twisted – 2020 Ford Escape

2020 Ford Escape

NHTSA ID Number: 10180538 Manufacturer Communication Number: TSB 20-2250 Summary Some 2020 Escape vehicles built on or before 23-Sep-2019 may exhibit a condition where the A-pillar trim panel appears twisted at the top of the panel. This may be due to the attachment of the A-pillar trim panel to the A-pillar bracket. To correct this condition, follow …

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Factory Keyless Entry Keypad – Driver Side B-Pillar Front Door Trim Panel Loose – 2016-2019 Ford Flex

2019 Ford Flex

NHTSA ID Number: 10184779 Manufacturer Communication Number: TSB 20-2427 Summary Some 2016-2019 Flex vehicles equipped with a factory keyless entry keypad may exhibit a loose driver side B-pillar front door upper moulding. This may be caused by a lack of adhesion of the front door upper moulding to the door. To correct the condition, follow the Service …

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Buzz/Rattle Over Bumps – Left Side Defrost Vent Trim Panel – 2017 Lincoln MKC

2017 Lincoln MKC

TSB 17-0024 BUZZ/RATTLE OVER BUMPS – LEFT SIDE DEFROST VENT TRIM PANEL – BUILT ON OR BEFORE 13-FEB-2017 Publication Date: March 1, 2017   LINCOLN: 2017 MKC   This article supersedes TSB 16-0156 to add a production fix date. ISSUE: Some 2017 MKC vehicles built on or before 13-Feb-2017 may exhibit a buzz/rattle noise from the left side …

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A-Pillar Trim Panel Out of Position Near the Headliner – 2014-2016 Ford Fusion

A-PILLAR TRIM OUT OF POSITION NEAR THE HEADLINER – FLAT ROCK ASSEMBLY PLANT – BUILT ON OR BEFORE 26-AUG-2016 Publication Date: September 1, 2016   FORD: 2014-2016 Fusion   ISSUE: Some 2014-2016 Fusion vehicles built at the Flat Rock assembly plant and built on or before 26-Aug-2016 may exhibit an A-pillar trim panel out of …

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Front Door(s) Trim Panels – Armrest Split Seam – 2010-2015 Lincoln MKT

2010-2015 MKT- Front Door(s) Trim Panels-Armrest Split Seam Some 2010-2015 MKT front door(s) trim can exhibit an armrest seam that has split.   The armrest (7424140/1) is now available as lower level service part repair. It is no longer necessary to replace the door trim panels (7423942/3) for this concern. The Workshop Manual, has been …

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