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Chatter Shudder Binding Sensation Vibration During Low Speed Turns – 2002-2004 Ford Lincoln Mercury

LIMITED SLIP AXLE CHATTER, SHUDDER, BINDING SENSATION, OR VIBRATION DURING LOW SPEED TURNING MANEUVERS FORD: 2002-2004 Mustang, Explorer 2003-2004 Expedition 2004 F-150 LINCOLN: 2003 Navigator MERCURY: 2002-2004 Mountaineer   2003-2004 Expedition, 2003 Navigator, 2004 F-150 vehicles equipped with a 9.75″ or 8.8″ limited slip rear axle, and 2002-2004 Explorer 4dr, Mountaineer, and Mustang vehicles equipped with 8.8″ limited slip rear …

Engine Stall when Coming to a Stop or When Engaging Transmission into Drive or Reverse – 2005-2008 Ford & Mercury

CD4E – ENGINE STALLING ON ENGAGEMENT/STOPPING FORD: 2005-2008 Escape MERCURY: 2005-2008 Mariner   2005-2008 Escape and Mariner vehicles equipped with a CD4E automatic transaxle and built from 8/1/2004 through 2/15/2007 may exhibit an engine stall when coming to a stop or when engaging the transmission into drive or reverse.

Air Suspension Performance – Height Sensor Linkage Arm Disengaging, DTC C1725 C1726 – 2003-2006 Ford & Lincoln

AIR SUSPENSION PERFORMANCE – HEIGHT SENSOR LINKAGE ARM DISENGAGING FORD: 2003-2006 Expedition LINCOLN: 2003-2006 Navigator   2003-2006 Expedition and Navigator vehicles equipped with an air suspension may exhibit an air suspension height sensor linkage arm disengaging from the suspension ball stud or height sensor rotating arm.

AWD – Driveline Vibration – Howl Noise at Highway Speeds in Cold Temperatures – 2007-2011 Ford Lincoln Mercury

AWD – DRIVELINE VIBRATION – HOWL NOISE AT HIGHWAY SPEEDS IN COLD TEMPERATURES – BUILT ON OR BEFORE 8/13/2010 FORD: 2007-2011 Fusion LINCOLN: 2007-2011 MKZ MERCURY: 2007-2011 Milan   2007-2011 Fusion, Milan and MKZ vehicles equipped with all-wheel-drive (AWD) systems and built on or before 8/13/2010 may exhibit a driveline vibration ora howl noise at highway speeds in cold temperatures.

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