Grinding, Whine-type Noise, Vibration and/or Gear Slippage – 2008-2011 Ford Lincoln Mercury

Ford Mercury Lincoln

NHTSA ID Number: 10204997 Manufacturer Communication Number: TSB160032 Summary 4R75E Transmission – Grinding/Whine/Vibration/Gear Slippage – Service Kit available     FORD: 2008-2010 E-150, E-250, E-350, F-150 2008-2011 Crown Victoria 2013-2014 E-150, E-250, E-350 LINCOLN: 2008 Mark LT 2008-2011 Town Car MERCURY: 2008-2011 Grand Marquis   This article supersedes TSB 15-0179 to update the Service Labor Time Standards. … Read more

Powertrain Surge after Transmission Downshift – 2013-2015 Ford E-350, E-450

6.8L – POWERTRAIN SURGE DURING ACCELERATION FOLLOWING A DOWNSHIFT EVENT   FORD: 2013-2015 E-350, E-450   Some 2013-2015 Econoline E-350/E-450 vehicles equipped with a 6.8L engine may exhibit a powertrain surge concern during acceleration after a transmission downshift event.   ACTION: Reprogram the powertrain control module (PCM) to the latest calibration using IDS or FordRead more

ABS/RSC Light On DTC’s C1145 C1155 C1165 C1175 – 2008 Ford E-350

ABS/RSC LIGHT ON – CODES C1145, C1155, C1165 OR C1175 BUILT ON OR BEFORE 6/25/2008   FORD: 2008 E-350   2008 E-Series vehicles built on or before 6/25/2008 may exhibit a anti-lock brake system (ABS)/roll stability control (RSC) light on with diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) C1145, C1155, C1165 or C1175.   The cause may be … Read more