4WD – Grinding/Rubbing Noise Under Acceleration From Floor Pan/Underbody Area – 2020-2022 Ford & Lincoln

Ford & Lincoln

NHTSA ID Number: 10210746 Manufacturer Communication Number: TSB 22-2161 Summary Some 2020-2022 Escape/Corsair, 2021-2022 Bronco Sport, 2022 Maverick vehicles equipped with 4-wheel drive (4WD) may exhibit a grinding/rubbing noise from floor pan/underbody area. This noise will be most noticeable on tip in acceleration and may be due to a mispositioned fuel tank heat shield. To correct the … Read more

Tire Sidewall Wavy/Indentation Appearance – 2021-2022 Ford & Lincoln

Ford & Lincoln

NHTSA ID Number: 10210850 Manufacturer Communication Number: SSM 50733 Summary Some 2021 and 2022 Ford and Lincoln vehicles may experience a tire sidewall wavy/indentation appearance in the radial direction on one or both sidewalls. Sidewall wavy/indentation appearance is a common cosmetic characteristic of radial tire construction and will not affect the performance of the tire.     … Read more

Creaking/Squeaking/Grinding/Rubbing Noise While The Steering Column Is Adjusted Into Tilt Up Or Down Position – 2020-2022 Lincoln Corsair

2022 Lincoln Corsair

NHTSA ID Number: 10208825 Manufacturer Communication Number: TSB 22-2077 Summary Some 2020-2022 Corsair vehicles equipped with a power adjustable steering column may exhibit a creaking/squeaking/grinding and/or rubbing noise while the steering column is adjusted into the tilt up or down position. This may be due to a lack of lubrication in the steering column. To correct this … Read more

PHEV – Deep Sleep Mode Notification In Ford Pass And/Or Lincoln WayApps – 2020-2022 Ford Escape & 2021-2022 Lincoln Corsair, 2020-2022 Aviator

Ford & Lincoln

NHTSA ID Number: 10208826 Manufacturer Communication Number: TSB 22-2078 Summary Some 2020-2022 Escape/Aviator plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) and 20212022 Corsair PHEV vehicles may exhibit a FordPass or LincolnWay App message notification indicating deep sleep mode and connectivity is temporarily unavailable while the vehicle is plugged in during high voltage battery charging. The vehicle may also exhibit … Read more

A/C Condensation Leaking Onto The Passenger Floor – 2020-2021 Lincoln Corsair

2021 Lincoln Corsair

NHTSA ID Number: 10208110 Manufacturer Communication Number: SSM 50478 Summary Some 2020-2021 Corsair vehicles may exhibit air conditioning (A/C) condensation leaking onto the passenger floor making the carpet wet. This may be due to a hole created at the bottom of climate control housing caused by a difficult to remove retainer located on the side of the … Read more