Front Door Power Window And/Or Power Lock Inoperative – C339 And C340 Pigtails Available As A Lower Level Service Part – 2015-2019 Ford Transit

NHTSA ID Number: 10162076

Manufacturer Communication Number: SSM 48018


Some 2015-2019 Transit vehicles may exhibit inoperative power door locks and/or power windows due to water intrusion in the door to body harness connector C339 (left) or C340 (right). If corrosion is found, service pigtails JU2Z-14S411-RA (gray) and JU2Z-14S411-PA (black) are released to service the body harness (female) side of the connector, without replacing the entire 14401 body harness. Service the pigtail(s) and replace the door harness as needed, while making sure the door to body accordion grommet ends and surrounding body plugs are properly seated to prevent future water intrusion. For claiming use causal part 14631 and applicable labor operations in Section 10 of the Service Labor Time Standards (SLTS) Manual.


Front Display Interface Module (FDIM) Screen Flicker – 2016-2019 Ford Escape, 2016-2018 Focus/C-Max

SSM 47748

2016-2019 Escape, 2016-2018 Focus/C-Max – Front Display Interface Module (FDIM) Screen Flicker

Some 2016-2019 Escape and 2016-2018 Focus/C-Max vehicles may exhibit a customer perceived concern of a FDIM screen flicker during transitions between day/night mode and/or during auto headlamp on/off.


Smartlink Repairs – 2012-2019 Ford & Lincoln

SSM 47749

2012-2019 Various Vehicles – Smartlink Repairs

Some 2012-2019 Vehicles may require repairs to the Smartlink system.


Coax Cable Lower Level Service Part Available – 2017-2019 Ford F-Super Duty

SSM 47809

2017-2019 F-Super Duty – Coax Cable Lower Level Service Part Available

Some 2017-2019 F-Super Duty vehicles may require a coax cable repair for a concern with one or more inoperative cameras, cameras with poor image quality, or radio reception concerns.


Suspension Noise, Soft, Spongy And/Or Bouncy -Shock Absorber Leak – 2017-2018 Ford Expedition & Lincoln Navigator

SSM 47624

2017-2018 Expedition/NavigatorSuspension Noise, Soft, Spongy And/Or Bouncy -Shock Absorber Leak

Some 2017-2018 Expedition/Navigator vehicles may experience a noisy, soft, spongy and/or bouncy ride quality while driving.