Customer Satisfaction Program 20B45 – Instrument Panel Cluster Replacement – 2020 Ford Super Duty

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NHTSA ID Number: 10204042

Manufacturer Communication Number: 20B45



Certain 2020 Model Year Super Duty Vehicles with XL Trim and SYNC 3 Instrument Panel Cluster Replacement In some of the affected vehicles, a coding error may have caused a 2.3″ display screen instrument panel cluster (IPC) to be installed in place of the 4.2″ display screen IPC, as intended with the optional SYNC 3 package. While the display screen size is smaller and appearance differences are noticeable, there is no functional effect on the smaller display screen IPC.



4 Affected Products


FORD F-250 SD 2020
FORD F-350 SD 2020
FORD F-450 SD 2020
FORD F-550 SD 2020



This program will be in effect through November 30, 2022. There is no mileage limit for this program.



Vehicle Model Year Assembly Plant Build Dates
Super Duty 2020 Kentucky Truck August 12, 2019 through March 19, 2020



NOTE: This program is only applicable to the original purchaser or lessee of the vehicle, regardless of whether they still own the vehicle or not.

In some of the affected vehicles, a coding error may have caused a 2.3” display screen instrument panel cluster (IPC) to be installed in place of the 4.2” display screen IPC, as intended with the optional SYNC 3 package. While the display screen size is smaller and appearance differences are noticeable, there is no functional effect on the smaller display screen IPC.



Before delivering any new in-stock vehicles involved in this program, dealers are to replace the IPC and program using the Ford Diagnostic and Repair System (FDRS). Follow Attachment III for specific directions on how to submit required contacts to the SSSC to order a replacement IPC. Information will need to be provided to ensure the correct part number IPC is ordered and the asbuilt data required to complete the repair is properly updated.

NOTE: Customers that are the original owners of sold units will have the option of receiving financial compensation in lieu of IPC replacement. A voucher with instructions explaining how to receive the new IPC or the financial offer will accompany the owner letter. If IPC replacement is selected, this service must be performed at no charge to the vehicle owner.



Owner letters are expected to be mailed by December 10, 2021. Dealers should only repair affected vehicles that arrive at their dealerships for customers that have opted for IPC replacement.



Part Number Description Order Quantity Claim Quantity
Base Part 10849 IPC – Submit VIN-specific Module Update contact to the SSSC to obtain the correct part number to order. 1 1





Prior to scheduling customer appointments or beginning repairs, submit a Special Service Support Center (SSSC) Module Update type contact for parts ordering information and to initiate the as-built data change request. Do not submit an 1878 part order using the vehicle’s HVBoM. The SSSC will provide the correct IPC part number to order. Processing this request is expected to take 2-4 days. Therefore, proceed with customer appointments or repairs ONLY AFTER receiving confirmation via a follow up response from the SSSC.


Removal Procedure

IMPORTANT: DO NOT connect a diagnostic scan tool to the vehicle as this may cause the new
module configuration data to be deleted.

NOTE: DO NOT connect a scan tool to the vehicle at this time.

NOTE: Push button start vehicle shown, all others similar.

1. Lower the steering column opening trim panel. See Figure 1.

2. Fully extend and lower the steering column. See Figure 2.

3. Remove the 2 bolts, release the clips and remove Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) trim panel.

• Detach the gap hider from the upper steering column shroud. See Figure 3.

• Torque: 22 (2.5 Nm)

4. Remove the 4 bolts and the IPC. See Figure 4.

• Disconnect the electrical connector.

•Torque: 21 (2.4 Nm)

5.Install the new IPC by reversing the removal procedure.


Module Programming

IMPORTANT: ONLY proceed if you have received the confirmation from SSSC.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT allow the diagnostic scan tool to read the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) automatically, MANUALLY enter the VIN ONLY.

1. Connect a battery charger to the 12V battery.

NOTE: Verify that the negative cable of the charger is installed on a chassis or engine ground, and not the 12 volt battery negative terminal to prevent the battery saver mode from activating on the vehicle.

2. Log into Ford Diagnostic and Repair System (FDRS).

NOTE: DO NOT allow the diagnostic scan tool to read the VIN automatically, MANUALLY enter the VIN ONLY.

3. Manually enter the VIN and then select “Go”.

4. When prompted with “Vehicle Communication Device not detected” Select continue. See Figure 5.

5. Select Toolbox tab.

6. From the list on the Left Hand (LH) side of the screen, select the IPC.

7. From the list on the Right Hand (RH) side of the screen, locate IPC – Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) Programmable Module Installation and click “Download”.

8. Connect the Vehicle Communication Module II (VCM IIeBay). See Figure 6.

a. Plug the VCM IIeBay into the diagnostic scan tool and into the vehicles Data Link Connector (DLC).

b. Click the red icon of the vehicle communication device in the bottom right hand of the screen.

c. Select “Ok”.

• The vehicle communication device icon (b) will turn green once the VCM IIeBay is connected.

9. Click “RUN” on the IPC – Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) Programmable Module Installation. Follow all on-screen instructions carefully.

10. When prompted with the question ” is the original module installed?” select “No”. See Figure 7.

11. Continue to follow the on-screen instructions carefully.

12. From the list on the RH side of the screen, select Self-Test and click RUN.

13. Click the Run Selected Tests button in the lower right.

14. Click the Clear & Retest button at the top of the screen to clear DTC’s in all modules.

15. Disconnect the battery charger from the 12V battery once the programming has completed.


Important Information for Module Programming

NOTE: When programming a module, use the following basic checks to ensure programming completes
without errors.

• Make sure the 12V battery is fully charged before carrying out the programming steps and connect FDRS/scan tool to a power source.

NOTE: A good internet connection is necessary to identify the vehicle and to load the diagnostic software.

• Inspect VCM IIeBay/Vehicle Communication and Measurement Module (VCMM) and cables for any damage. Make sure scan tool connections are not interrupted during programming.

• A hardwired connection is strongly recommended.

• Turn off all unnecessary accessories (radio, heated/cooled seats, headlamps, interior lamps, HVAC system, etc.) and close doors.

• Disconnect/depower any aftermarket accessories (remote start, alarm, power inverter, CB radio, etc.).

• Follow all scan tool on-screen instructions carefully.

• Disable FDRS/scan tool sleep mode, screensaver, hibernation modes.

• Create all sessions Key On Engine Off (KOEO). Starting the vehicle before creating a session will cause errors within the programming inhale process.


Recovering a module when programming has resulted in a blank module

a. Disconnect the VCMII or VCMM from the DLC and from the diagnostic scan tool.

b. After ten seconds, reconnect the VCMII/VCMM to the DLC and diagnostic scan tool. Launch FDRS. The VCMII/VCMM icon should turn green in the bottom right corner of the screen. If it does not, troubleshoot the FDRS to VCM connection.

c. If you are using the same FDRS as the initial programming attempt, select the appropriate VIN from the Vehicle Identification menu. If you are using a different FDRS, select “Read VIN from Vehicle” and proceed through the Network Test.

d. In the Toolbox menu, navigate to the failed module and Download/Run Programmable Module Installation (PMI). Follow the on-screen prompts. When asked if the original module is installed, select “No” and continue through the installation application.

e. Once programming has completed, a screen may list additional steps required to complete the programming process. Make sure all applicable steps are followed in order.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Federal law prohibits selling motor vehicle parts or components that are under safety, compliance, or emissions recall. Unless a part is requested to be returned to Ford, all parts replaced under this FSA must be scrapped in accordance with all applicable local, state and federal environmental protection and hazardous material regulations. Refer to the Parts Retention, Return, & Scrapping section of the FSA dealer bulletin for further information.



1 Associated Document

Manufacturer Communications

Customer Satisfaction Program 20B45
November 23, 2021

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