Using the Push Button Ignition when starting a Diesel Truck – 2017 Ford F-250 F-350 F-450 F-550

SSM 45981 – 2017 F-250F-550 6.7L – Using the Push Button Ignition when starting a diesel truck

2017 F-250F-550 6.7L with the optional keyless Starting or push button ignition – When using Keyless Starting on diesel application when you press the push button ignition there will be a delay to allow the glow plugs to pre-heat.


As the glow plugs pre-heat there will be a message in the cluster stating “Engine Start Pending, Please Wait”.

If the push button is pressed again prior to the engine starting the ignition will switch to accessory mode and not start.

Also while starting the engine your foot has to stay on the brake pedal until the vehicle starts or you will have to re-initiate the engine start.




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