12 Volt Battery Drain When Using Third Party Phone Applications- Modems Activated Through FordPass Or LincolnWay – 2013-2023 Ford & Lincoln

NHTSA ID Number: 10212957

Manufacturer Communication Number: SSM 50804


Some 2013-2023 Ford or Lincoln vehicles with modems activated through FordPass or LincolnWay may experience 12 volt battery drain symptoms when the customer uses non-Ford/Lincoln phone applications as an alternate channel to access vehicle commands such as door lock/unlock, remote start, vehicle location, etc. The battery drain may be caused by excessive calls for data through the vehicle network keeping it in an activated state. Recommend that the customer uninstall the app to ensure this is not contributing to battery symptoms experienced. Advise the customer that unaffiliated third-party app developers do not work directly with Ford to adhere to security, vehicle communication, and privacy requirements.


Ford & Lincoln
Ford & Lincoln



2020 – 2022 CAR: TV U611N AVIATOR
2021 – 2022 TRUCK: G1 U725N BRONCO
2013 – 2017 CAR: CG C344N C-MAX
2013 – 2016 CAR: B7 C344 EU C-CAR
2015 – 2017 CAR: EU C344E C-MAX MCA
2017 – 2020 CAR: PL D544N CONTINENTAL
2020 – 2022 CAR: TF CX483N CORSAIR
2021 – 2022 TRUCK: E4 ECONOLINE
2018 – 2021 CAR: BQ B515S ECOSPORT
2018 – 2019 CAR: BX B515A ECOSPORT CHINA
2018 – 2022 CAR: R6 B515E ECOSPORT
2018 – 2022 CAR: BW B515A ECOSPORT INDIA
2018 – 2019 CAR: R1 B515E ECOSPORT RUSSIA
2018 – 2020 CAR: BY B515A ECOSPORT
2015 – 2022 CAR: DQ CD539N EDGE
2014 – 2018 CAR: ED CD539A EDGE
2020 – 2022 CAR: ED CD539A EDGE
2013 – 2014 TRUCK: Q1 U387/388N EDGE/MKX
2013 – 2019 TRUCK: M2 C520N ESCAPE
2019 – 2022 CAR: TE CX482A ESCAPE/KUGA
2020 – 2022 CAR: TC CX482N ESCAPE
2013 – 2019 TRUCK: UB U502N EXPLORER
2020 – 2022 CAR: TW U625N EXPLORER
2013 – 2019 TRUCK: WJ U502E EXPLORER
2013 – 2014 TRUCK: F6 F150/LINCOLN MARK LT
2015 – 2020 TRUCK: FC P552N F-150
2021 – 2022 TRUCK: FD P702N F150
2015 – 2019 TRUCK: G2 P131S SUPER DUTY
2013 – 2016 TRUCK: FA P473N SUPER DUTY
2017 – 2022 TRUCK: FE P558N SUPER DUTY
2013 – 2014 CAR: ZF S197N MUSTANG
2015 – 2022 CAR: ZG S550N MUSTANG
2016 – 2017 TRUCK: B7 U222N EXPEDITION
2018 – 2022 TRUCK: B8 U553N EXPEDITION
2013 – 2020 CAR: C7 CD391N FUSION
2013 – 2020 CAR: C7 CD391N FUSION
2015 – 2019 TRUCK: ME C489N MKC
2016 – 2018 CAR: D9 U540N MKX
2015 – 2020 CAR: C9 CD533N MKZ
2015 – 2020 CAR: C9 CD533N MKZ
2021 CAR: GY CX727A C-EV
2021 – 2022 CAR: GW CX727N C-EV
2020 – 2022 CAR: D9 U540N MKX
2018 – 2022 TRUCK: B9 U554N NAVIGATOR
2019 – 2022 TRUCK: FG P375N RANGER
2021 – 2022 TRUCK: RA P703A RANGER
2019 – 2022 TRUCK: KF P375S RANGER
2019 – 2022 TRUCK: KE P375E RANGER
2019 – 2021 TRUCK: KD P375A RANGER
2015 – 2022 TRUCK: TH V363N TRANSIT
2015 TRUCK: T9 V347/348E TRANSIT
2015 – 2022 TRUCK: TG V363E TRANSIT
2019 – 2022 TRUCK: TS V363E TRANSIT MCA


206 Affected Products


FORD BRONCO 2021-2022
FORD C-MAX 2013-2017
FORD E-150 2021-2023
FORD E-250 2021-2023
FORD E-350 2021-2023
FORD E-450 2021-2023
FORD EDGE 2013-2022
FORD ESCAPE 2013-2022
FORD F-150 2013-2022
FORD F-250 SD 2013-2022
FORD F-350 SD 2013-2022
FORD F-450 SD 2013-2022
FORD F-550 SD 2013-2022
FORD F-650 SD 2023
FORD F-750 SD 2023
FORD FUSION 2013-2020
FORD MUSTANG 2013-2022
FORD TRANSIT 2015-2022
LINCOLN MKC 2015-2019
LINCOLN MKX 2016-2021
LINCOLN MKZ 2015-2020


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Manufacturer Communications

SSM 50804 – 2013-2023 Various Vehicles – 12 Volt Battery Drain When Using Third Party Phone Applications- Modems Activated Through FordPass Or LincolnWay


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