Two New Transmission Locator Dowel Pins – 2015-2018 Ford Transit

SSM 46903

2015-2018 Transit with 3.2L Duratorq-TDCi Engine – Two New Transmission Locator Dowel Pins


When replacing a 2015-2018 Transit 3.2L Duratorq-TDCi engine assembly or block, two new transmission locator dowel pins (W703519 or W718670) must be installed.


This information is available in Workshop Manual, Section 303-01C.

The parts catalog also specifies to order the dowels when ordering an engine.

Failure to install dowels pins will prevent proper engine to transmission alignment resulting in a cracked flexplate and/or crankshaft position sensor damage.

Per Warranty and Policy, damage resulting from an incomplete or improper repair is not warrantable.

FORD TRANSIT 2015-2018

SSM 46903


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