Water Leak Into the Driver and/or Passenger Side Footwell – 2014 Ford Transit Connect

FORD: 2014 Transit Connect


2014 Transit Connect vehicles may exhibit a water leak into the driver and/or passenger side footwell.



  1. Is water leaking into the passenger footwell?
    1. Yes – check the evaporator core drain tube and reattach the evaporator core drain tube if loose. Proceed to Step 2. (Figure 1)
    1. No – proceed to Step 2.

evaporator core drain tube Figure 1


  1. Is water leaking into both the passenger and driver foot well?
    1. Yes – proceed to Step 3.
    1. No – this article does not apply. Refer to Workshop Manual (WSM).
  1. Open the hood. Refer to the circled areas. (Figures 2 and 3)

circled areas Figure 2


circled areas Figure 3


  1. Apply Motorcraft Seam Sealer or equivalent to the gap between the fender apron panel outer reinforcement and the A-pillar on both sides. (Figures 2A and 3A)
    1. Allow the sealer to dry for two hours.


  1. Seal the hole on the body by adding an O-ring to the instrument panel support assembly retainer, on both sides of the vehicle. (Figure 3B)
    1. Remove the cowl panel.
    1. Remove the instrument panel support assembly, both sides. (Figure 4)


instrument panel support assembly Figure 4


    1. Use a PVC foam strip to cut out and fit an O-ring onto the instrument panel support assembly retainers. Inner diameter 8 mm (0.3 inches). Outer diameter 18 mm (0.7 inches). (Figure 5)

PVC foam Figure 5


    1. Thoroughly clean the surface and attach foam to the retainer. (Figure 6)

attach foam to the retainer Figure 6


    1. Reinstall the instrument panel support assembly and cowl panel.


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