Air Conditioning (A/C) Performance – Upfitter Responsibilities – 2015-2018 Ford Transit

SSM 47401 – 2015-2018 TransitAir Conditioning (A/C) Performance – Upfitter Responsibilities

Some 2015-2018 Transit vehicles equipped with the Auxiliary Heater / A/C Prep Package 62C are built specifically for A/C system modification.


This can be identified on the Professional Technician Society (PTS) website by using vehicle identification number (VIN) > OASIS tab > Vehicle Information > Additional information will be shown as: GZBAC – heater/A/C prep pack.

The upfitter who adds their rear A/C components is responsible for filling their system and specifying the new refrigerant charge level.

Do not submit warranty claims for insufficient refrigerant charge unless a defective Ford part or component is identified as the causal part.

Consult the upfitter who performed the modification if refrigerant charge level is in question or a defect is present within the add-on system.

2015 – 2018 TRUCK: TH V363N TRANSIT


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