Unable To Complete Body Control Module (BCM) Programming – 2016 Ford Focus

2016 Focus – Unable To Complete Body Control Module (BCM) Programming

Some 2016 Focus vehicles may not successfully complete reprogramming or programmable module installation (PMI) of the BCM.


Make certain the Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS) is at release 103.03 or higher before attempting BCM programming.



Service Information & Reprogramming

Software necessary to program electronic modules to the latest calibration level, perform module initialization (PATS), and set Programmable Parameters on Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles.

Ford Module Programming (FMP) is a software application that allows subscribers to program electronic modules on Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. It can be used for:

  • Reprogramming emission-related (OBDII) modules on some vehicles manufactured in 1995 and all vehicles manufactured from 1996 to the present
  • Reprogramming or reconfiguring non-emission-related modules on many vehicles (UBP and MS-CAN not supported)

In addition, module initialization (PATS) functions such as Keycode Erase/Reprogram and PCM Parameter Reset can be done using this application.

J2534 Device using Ford Module Programming (FMP) can Reprogram and Configure most Modules.

Latest Calibration Information

Module Build Data (As-Built)
Use VIN to obtain As-Built data




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