Green “Ready to Drive” Light on the Instrument Cluster is Turned On and The Vehicle does Not Move – 2012-2015 Ford Focus Electric Vehicle

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Focus electric will not move with ready to go light on

Certain 2012MY to 2015MY Focus Electric vehicles may experience situations when the green “Ready to Drive” light on the instrument cluster is turned on and the vehicle does not move (does not produce torque).


This vehicle state may occur when:

  1. The vehicle is restarted within 20 seconds after being powered off.
  2. Starting the car within 20 seconds of unplugging the car.
  3. Starting the car 15 minutes after the car was remotely started (note: remote start feature was introduced in 2015MY in FoE Focus BEV).

Engineering is working on a solution to resolve the concern.

Meanwhile, the concern can be corrected by turning off the vehicle by pressing the power button, wait for the vehicle to completely power down (minimum 20 seconds or until instrument cluster has turned off), then restart the vehicle.


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