Idle Vibration During Cold Start – 2005-2006 Ford Expedition

2006 Ford Expedition

COLD START ROUGH IDLE EXPEDITION 4X2 ONLY   FORD: 2005-2006 Expedition   2005-2006 Expedition 4×2 vehicles may exhibit an idle vibration during cold start at 1400 RPM, that lasts for a few seconds. The symptom is perceived as shaking of the entire vehicle when the engine is first started after being off for an extended …

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Moan/Droan Noise or Floor Vibration Under Light Acceleration – 2006 Ford & Mercury

Ford & Mercury

4.6L 3V MOAN/DROAN NOISE AND/OR FLOOR VIBRATION AT 1800 RPMS   FORD: 2006 Explorer MERCURY: 2006 Mountaineer   2006 4.6L 3V Explorer 4dr and Mountaineer vehicles built prior to 10/20/2005 may exhibit a moan/droan noise or some floor vibration under light acceleration between 60-70 MPH (97-113 Km/h) range, around 1800 rpm.   This may be …

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Excessive Effort with Gear Selector Lever in Cold Climate Conditions – 2009-2012 Ford & Lincoln

Ford & Lincoln

6R80 TRANSMISSION – EXCESSIVE GEAR SELECTOR EFFORT- COLD CLIMATE CONDITIONS – BUILT ON OR BEFORE 11/16/2011   FORD: 2009-2012 Expedition, F-150 LINCOLN: 2009-2012 Navigator   Some 2009-2012 F-150, Expedition and Navigator vehicles built on or before 11/16/2011 may exhibit excessive effort with the gear selector lever in cold climate conditions.   This may be caused …

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AWD – Driveline Vibration – Howl Noise at Highway Speeds in Cold Temperatures – 2007-2011 Ford Lincoln Mercury

Ford Mercury Lincoln

AWD – DRIVELINE VIBRATION – HOWL NOISE AT HIGHWAY SPEEDS IN COLD TEMPERATURES – BUILT ON OR BEFORE 8/13/2010   FORD: 2007-2011 Fusion LINCOLN: 2007-2011 MKZ MERCURY: 2007-2011 Milan   2007-2011 Fusion, Milan and MKZ vehicles equipped with all-wheel-drive (AWD) systems and built on or before 8/13/2010 may exhibit a driveline vibration or a howl …

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