Possible Water Intrusion In Multiple Connectors – 2013-2019 Ford & Lincoln

NHTSA ID Number: 10156874

Manufacturer Communication Number: SSM 47790


Some 2013-2019 Fusion/MKZ and 2013-2018 C-Max vehicles with 2.0L HEV/PHEV engine may exhibit multiple drivability or electrical concerns with one or more diagnostic trouble codes, being the most common P26C3, P26CA, P26D0, P2800, P2802, U019F and U0284. On Fusion/MKZ inspect connectors C146, C1651, C1812, C168C, C1717 and C134 for signs of water entry or corrosion. On C-Max, inspect connectors C134, C140, C144, C1651, C1717 and C1812 and service as necessary. NOTE: Connector C1717 is only equipped on PHEVs for both Fusion and C-Max.


20 Affected Products


FORD C-MAX 2013-2018
FORD FUSION 2013-2019
LINCOLN MKZ 2013-2019


SSM 47790





SSM 47790





SSM 47281



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  1. Studied the C-max wiring diagrams and cannot understand which connector failure can cause P2800 or 2802 fault…
    Double checked all the mentioned connectors, but the fault still present.


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