ABS/RSC Light On DTC’s C1145 C1155 C1165 C1175 – 2008 Ford E-350

  • ABS/RSC LIGHT ON – CODES C1145, C1155, C1165 OR C1175 BUILT ON OR BEFORE 6/25/2008
FORD: 2008 E-350


2008 E-Series vehicles built on or before 6/25/2008 may exhibit a anti-lock brake system (ABS)/roll stability control (RSC) light on with diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) C1145, C1155, C1165 or C1175.


Vacuum Pump Inoperative or Runs Continuously, Climate Control Defaults to Defrost Mode – 1999-2006 Ford

FORD: 1999-2006 F-Super Duty
2000-2005 Excursion
1999-2006 F-650, F-750


1999-2006 F-Super Duty and 2000-2005 Excursion vehicles built before 6/27/2005 and 1999-2006 F650/750 vehicles, all vehicles equipped with the 7.3L or 6.0L diesel engine, may exhibit a vacuum pump that is inoperative or running continuously.


Parking Brake Lever Button Sticking Binding – 2009 Ford Focus

FORD: 2009 Focus


2009 Focus vehicles built before 12/10/2008 may exhibit a sticking parking brake lever button.


Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) with DTC P0442 – 2003-2004 Ford Lincoln Mercury

FORD: 2003-2004 Crown Victoria
LINCOLN: 2003-2004 Town Car
MERCURY: 2003-2004 Grand Marquis


2003-2004 Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis and Town Car vehicles may exhibit a malfunction indicator light (MIL) with DTC P0442 (Evaporative Emission System Leak Detected (small leak)) in memory.


Coolant Leak Upper Radiator Hose – 2008 Ford Focus

Coolant leak.

2008 Ford Focus models built through 10/31/07 may leak small amounts of coolant at the upper radiator hose connection.